Month: March 2021

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How Smoked Salmon Is Destroying Our minds

George Monbiot on Double Down News

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young hedgehog in vegetation
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Making Willingdon Hedgehog Friendly

We all love to see hedgehogs, but sadly, hedgehogs are at risk of disappearing from our towns and countryside forever. Since the 1950s, when there…

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Horses for courses

Are you in a group? Thinking about suggestions for “The Willing” we need to get some momentum going. I think once it gets up to…

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Eastbourne Carbon Neutral 2030

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The Story of Stuff

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The pencil is mightier

Use a (wooden, not a plastic propelling) pencil, and stop using pens.

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Hold the hoover!

If you have wooden floors, sweep them instead of hoovering. It takes less personal energy as you’re not hauling a big motor behind you (and…

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If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Revel in taking control of your life and realise that having ‘things’ is a great and costly…

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Library of things.

“A community in Lewes is setting up a library of things!” “A what?” “It’s somewhere where useful items and equipment can be borrowed instead of…

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