Our project is owned by and welcomes all residents and businesses of Willingdon. It is a non-political, non-confrontational grass roots project. We do not focus on the threats of climate change, more on the benefits of taking action and achieving more through collaboration and cooperation.

Our Aims:

  • To reduce carbon emissions in Willingdon village
  • To consume carefully and travel wisely
  • To embrace efficiency and avoid waste (especially plastics.)
  • To find and share ways to consume energy more efficiently
  • To nurture nature
  • To share experience of low carbon and low energy living more widely;
  • To support the aims of Eastbourne Borough Council and Eastbourne Eco Action Network to achieve carbon neutrality in the Eastbourne area by 2030 


We believe that by working in collaboration with our neighbours we can achieve much more. Our focus will be on sharing information and working on group projects and activities. Potential projects and activities include:

  • Locally hosted talks and workshops
  • Creating a community composting facility
  • Local lending library/swap shop/tool share
  • Community-based not-for-profit cooperative to refill household products and reduce use of plastic
  • Local schemes to combat food waste, such as surplus veg sharing
  • Creating a community composting facility
  • Pop-up repair cafe
  • Local lending library/swap shop/tool share 
  • Engaging with local councillors and MP to press for actions supporting low carbon living