If you don’t want it anymore, Freegle it.


Do your unwanted but useful items need new homes? Are you looking for something?

I have recently “Freegled”… some plastic curtain rails, some double glazed plastic windows from when we had some building work done- they were bound for the tip but became part of someone’s green house on the allotment!

I think they might ended up like this- so much better than ending up in landfill.

Freegle helps people give and get things for free in their local community. Some people have stuff they don’t want any more. Other people would like things they don’t have. Freegle’s website matches them up. There are no physical premises, or warehouses – people give things directly to each other.

Don’t throw it away, give it away!

It’s simple.

    • Post a message offering an item.
    • Other people see it and reply to you.
    • Choose who to give it to and they collect.
    You’ve decluttered, made someone’s day and saved an item from landfill.

That’s freegling! And it’s all free.

You can also search or browse the items offered, or post a request for something that other people might have.

Freegle is a UK-wide umbrella organisation, formed in 2009 by experienced volunteers and members of the free reuse community. It is a charity, and its aims are:

    • Promoting the keeping of usable items out of landfill.
    • Promoting and supporting local community groups working in the area of reuse.
    • Empowering and supporting volunteers working for local Freegle groups.
    • Informing and educating the public about environmental matters related to the reuse and recycling of unwanted usable goods.
    Promoting sustainable waste management practices.


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