Fancy a tree?

As part of the Treebourne charity I collected seeds in autumn 2020 and now have a nice selection of trees to give to people FoC.  Treebourne is all about getting as many trees and bushes planted across Eastbourne to improve our air quality and health and I am really happy to give them away to anyone who wants them.

At the moment I have  the following which you are very welcome to:

Crab apple HazelOak
Downy BirchBlackthornPrivet
Silver Birch Horse Chestnut Dogwood
Evergreen SpindleBayField Maple

They are all quite small and will require some attention (watering when it is hot / dry) for the first couple of years.  But it will be worth it!                                                                                                        

If you would like any of these please contact Jules on 07799596941.

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