Ideas for the Willing

We have been bulk-buying detergents, hand soap and shampoos between friends and neighbours so that we can refill our own plastic bottles. It works out slightly cheaper than the supermarket and best of all saves on plastic. We would like to extend this to a wider community. We need a storage venue which we could open for a couple of hours a week and a few volunteers, so that people could come and refill. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Ideas for the Willing

    1. We have Faith in Nature ‘Aloe vera’ shampoo or if you prefer ‘Coconu’t shampoo.

      Faith in Nature laundry liquid ‘Aloe vera and Rosemary’

      Bio fragrance free hand sanitiser

      Bio concentrated Washing up liquid.

      These are all in 5 litre bottles. We will end up with some 5lt plastic bottles it would be good to find a use for them. I can think of cutting them up for plant pots and plant labels.

      Any suggestions?

  1. These shampoos and detergents are all natural, vegan are animal cruelty free. On top of that, they are good quality.

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