Library of things.

“A community in Lewes is setting up a library of things!”
“A what?”
“It’s somewhere where useful items and equipment can be borrowed instead of bought. You know those things that you need desperately to do a job then, put away in the loft and don’t see again for three years!

Since living in Willingdon, I have borrowed from kind neighbours, a porter’s truck, a lawn scarifier and a car battery charger. I have lent out a wallpaper stripper, a ladder and some garden chairs. I realise a Library of Things gives us a lot of issues, health and safety being just one, but if we can do it on an ad hoc basis surely, surely we can widen the field. It may be that we might need to make a small charge to cover repairs and storage etc. I am sure that the Lewes Library of Things would advise us. In the meantime, I am looking for a pressure washer to clean the patio…. I don’t want to buy one and clutter up my already overflowing shed, as I’m sure the urge to clean the flags is biennial! “

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